Large Cutter Man Proposing: Width: 4.6cm length: 6.9cm

Small Cutter Man Proposing: Width:2.4cm Length:3.9cm

Large Cutter Couple Kissing: Width: 6.7cm length: 8.5cm

Small Cutter Couple Kissing: Width: 3.8cm Length: 4.8cm

Large Cutter Holding Hands: Width: 9.8cm Length: 12.5cm

Medium Cutter Holding Hands: Width: 6.8cm Length: 8.6cm

Small Cutter Holding Hands: Width:3.6cm Length: 4.8cm

Large Girl Standing Cutter: Width: 1.7cm Length: 8.3cm

Small Girl Standing Cutter: Width: 1cm Length:4.7cm

Patchwork cutters can be used to cut your sugar modelling paste or to emboss it!  These very versatile sugarcraft cutters are a must for the cake decorator. Made in the UK and designed by Marion Frost. Use them over and over again.

SKU: 5060325300587 ISBN: 00979986