Chocolate Mould Each Tank Mould has a mould to make a Tank shaped chocolates.

The Tank is approximately 10.2cm x 5.1cm x 1.3cm.

There are 4 cavities in each mould.

This mould makes approximately 7 Tank shaped chocolates per 500g of chocolate.

This mould can not be used for candy centres. MaterialMould is made from high quality FDA approved and BPA Free Plastic. Cleaning  and ; Care    Chocolate moulds can be used many times if cared for properly.  Wash in warm water only and thoroughly and ;pat dry with non-abrasive towels before reuse.  Never store rubber banded together as they will warp.  Maximum Temperature is about 48C (120 F)  Tip    Mould can be used for making chocolates, cupcake toppers, cake decorations, soaps and can be used for many other craft applications.  Designed and Manufactured by CK Products in the USA    

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