Vizyon Ready to Use Silver Glamour Mirror Glaze provides a sparkling and glamorous glaze that is simple and easy to use.

The gorgeous, glittery appearance can be used as a glaze layer for cakes, sealing in freshness and adding to its shelf life. Also perfect to use for drip cake finishes and adding colour to your pastries, donuts, biscuit and other baking goods.

The Vizyon Ready to Use Mirror Glaze provides an optimum consistency in it’s liquid form, with no water required to be added. It can be poured and used straight from the bottle.

Without the need to add water, you will find that the Ready to Use glaze will have;

  • no air bubbles
  • a more shiny and smoother appearance
  • a more stable finish after application to cakes with no rubberisation of the glaze

Vizyon Ready to Use Mirror Glaze will enhance the appearance and allure of your pastry products through its colour, shine and flavour. In addition the Vizyon glazes will minimise moisture loss from your cakes and maintain a long-lasting shine.

The Silver Glamour Mirror Glaze has a neutral flavour taste and is perfect to mix with the other glazes in the Ready to Use range, or with food colouring to create your own designs and finishes.

Vizyon Glazes are freeze-thaw stable. Best of all, the Ready to Use Glaze is gluten free and vegan, with no animal by-products.


  • Shake bottle well for 8-10 seconds
  • Apply the glaze directly over the pastry products, or other items such as ice cream, pound cake, muffins, or donuts for decorative purposes
  • Can also be applied to plated desserts to add and enhance the appearance and decoration


SKU: 54147 ISBN: 8681678002996