Fondtastic Fondant is a premium fondant ideal for designer cakes, cupcakes, cookies and modelling. Exclusively produced in South Africa with the finest ingredients, the luxury formula makes Fondtastic the perfect fondant for Australian conditions with its non-stick and pliable qualities producing a smooth, silky sheen finish for all your fondant creations.

This premium fondant is easy to work with and can be rolled very thin without tearing, cracking or drying out. Choose from 17 vibrant colours that resist fading with a superior, delicate vanilla flavour. Fondtastic is 100% Allergen Free, Gelatin Free and Halal Certified.

Available in a 250g tub, 1kg tub and 5kg tubs, all with a 2 year extended shelf life. The tubs now come in a transparent plastic, enabling clear visibility of the fondant, and are also designed to be stackable.

For best results and for a non-stick work surface, we recommend using the Roll Out Fondtastic Mat.

Our Fondtastic Fondant may appear firm and even crumble initially. Our fondant needs to be kneaded and blended to activate the gums, making this formula easy to use, providing endless decorating possibilities and a silky-smooth finish.

Keep the Fondant away from the direct sunlight
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