Invertaste is a great product to create liquid centres for your chocolates.

Perfect for those liqueur flavoured centres.

Once you have put a spoonful of fondant into the centre of your chocolate shell, add a few drops of invertaste.

Cover and fill the remainder of the mould with Melted chocolate.

Leave it for 1-2 days and the invertase will break the sugar in the fondant down and turn it into liquid.
When you bite into your chocolate you will get a lovely liquid centre.

To make a Liquid Centre:

To each 1 (one) teaspoon of Plain Fondant Creme Filling add

Drop of Flavoured Colouring (if you are using a pre-mixed flavoured Fondant Creme , you can skip this part).  .

3 Drops of Invertase

The Liqueur Flavoured Colourings work fabulously for this type of liquid centre and work really well with our Liqueur Bottles Mould No 206.

After two days inside the sealed chocolate the invertase breaks down the fondant and turns it into a clear sugar syrup
The small residue left over is called invert sugar, and it settles to the outside of the liquid centre, and forms  a thin sugar crust.

The whole process (of breaking down) can take anywhere between two days and two weeks depending on the amount of invertaste you have used.
Make some extra, so you can sample them after two days to make sure it has resulted in the liquid centre.  If not, then leave another day and test again.


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