Vizyon Boncream Whipping Cream is a premium quality powder whipping cream that has excellent volume and a rich, creamy taste. Achieve a real cream-like finish with a delicious, workable cream.

Containing a higher milk powder content, the Boncream Whipping Cream has a milk cream taste while also having an increased density, similar to a liquid cream. In fact, it is perfect as a buttercream replacement for cake icing and decorating with a clean, crisp taste and texture.

Mixed with either water or milk, the water absorption qualities of the powder provide excellent volume in the cream. Provides a higher firmness than existing powder creams that will stand up well under warm or humid conditions. Plus the added benefit that it won’t melt. Perfect for Australian conditions!

The firmness and density of the cream make it perfect for piping, especially flower piping where it will hold intricate designs even when stored at ambient temperatures.

Freeze-thaw stable and ambient temperature stable when made using water. Easily incorporates colours and flavours for a variety of cake designs and finishes. Great base for decorating on or using as a filling in your cakes. Cakes masked or filled with Vizyon cream can be stored chilled, frozen for future sale, or displayed at ambient temperature.

Get longer shelf life from powder whipping cream and the convenience of using what you need, as and when you need it.

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